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Stretch, Move and Relax Together

Baby Yoga

Our baby yoga classes are suitable for babies from around 6 weeks.  They combine gentle movements and stretches for your little one with songs and rhymes.  We also teach some ways to lift and hold your baby.  As your baby grows we include more dynamic sequences and plenty of opportunities for moving and travelling.  For little ones our main focus is on aiding digestion and stretching out the body.  As your baby becomes more active and mobile we incorporate more moves to develop balance and strength.  All classes include a relaxation to allow both parents and little ones to wind down after their session.

Baby yoga can help settle babies and improve sleep patterns.  The movements can aid digestion and the holds can soothe colicky babies. For older babies, our classes offer a safe environment for babies to explore the different ways they can move and are a fun way for young children to start being more active.  

Our classes are not just beneficial for babies but also offer a safe and gentle way for mums to begin exercising again after birth.  We incorporate stretches and poses for mums specifically designed to strengthen the core, tone abdominal muscles and regain pelvic stability.  They also allow you to spend some precious one to one time with your child and offer opportunities for a chat with other local mums.

Yoga is my favourite activity to do with Hannah. It’s just lovely to watch her smile as she recognises the songs and routines. We started when she was 10 weeks old and it’s been wonderful to watch her progress week by week. If Hannah is upset and crying at home doing one of her favourite routines always seems to soothe her.

Anne and Hannah