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Stretch, Move and Relax Together


I've never done yoga before but have often wanted to try it out. Maternity leave seemed like the perfect opportunity. I was also looking for some ideas for physical play with my son, who loves any kind of swinging/bouncing movement (if it tires his parents out, it's a winner!) I'd hoped it might help with motor skills and development too, but really fun was the main motivation! I think it's also useful to learn from an early age that taking conscious time for physical and mental well-being is not just something for girls. Alexander was very young when we started and it's been fascinating to see him become more comfortable with different amounts of stimulation, different movements and so on. It's really shaped the way we play together, and I've been able to show my husband what he enjoys too. It's also been a great way to meet other mothers. He naps really well after the sessions!

Liz and Alexander

I used to practice yoga myself some years ago but I abandoned it as I am not so good keeping up with it without classes. When I saw your poster around St Andrews I was curious about how classes were for babies and I was willing to give it a go. I went from simple curiosity to loving our lessons! I think Clara wasn't very aware about what was going on during the first weeks but she is joining in more and more.  We have some issues with her being very windy and I can hear how some of it is released during classes. I think she definitely remembers the songs and moves and has some favourites that we do at home pretty much every day.

Paula and Clara

Having attended the baby yoga with my youngest from early on I was excited to see the yoga for older children, and contacted Sarah about coming to class with 2 children, aged 1 year (who is very active) and 4 years, she was very reassuring and gave me the confidence to attend a taster session.  Attending any class with my youngest is always a bit of a gulp moment to be honest.  She is so full of life that if a class doesn't capture her attention, then it can be very difficult.  I expected, disaster!  This did not happen though!!  Both girls really enjoy the class, it's the only class I've found that there's something in it for all of us, even me!  My youngest enjoys all the motion and movement, whilst my eldest enjoys the story that threads through the class and I enjoy the yoga stretches throughout the class, and the relaxation at the end.  What I enjoy most of all though, is the opportunity to have intimate fun time with the two girls.  It doesn't always go to plan, and often I'm doing movements with both girls hanging on somewhere, but Sarah is always so patient, and we still get a chance to fully participate in the class.  The girls must take a lot of it in as well, the 1 year old especially will often strike a wee yoga pose, whereas the older one will pipe up with songs.  

I'm am so glad that I took the leap and took both girls to this class.  It can be a handful having two there, but not in a bad way at all, in the most fun way possible.  We spend an hour laughing, acting out stories, stretching and relaxing.  After class there's a cuppa, so you not just doing a class next to a face, you’re doing the class with friendly faces that you actually talk to.   

Rosie, Anona and Thea

The Warm Hearts Baby Yoga class is a highlight for my daughter. The songs and movements are fun and easy to join in, while at the same time providing strength and balance training for the little one as well as mum. My daughter especially enjoys the thrill of the flying movements.

Julia and Isobel