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Stretch, Move and Relax Together

Yoga Tots

Yoga classes designed for mobile babies and toddlers up to around 2 or 3 years. These classes offer more dynamic sequences for children on the go, combined with  opportunities for travelling around and the use of equipment such as balls and scarves to develop coordination.  Incorporating a  story or theme and with plenty of vestibular stimulation to encourage balance and develop spatial awareness these classes are perfect for children who are on the move.

Yoga Babies

Baby Yoga classes suitable for babies from around 8 weeks (or younger) up to confidently mobile. Designed to help your baby stretch out and develop their strength, these classes are the perfect introduction to baby yoga.  Although the focus is on moves and holds for baby, some stretches and gentle yoga poses specifically designed for mums are included, and you'll find that the lifts and holds allow you to stretch out and tone up whilst your baby is entertained.

Yoga Adventurers

Toddler and preschool Yoga classes suitable for toddlers and preschoolers from around 18 months or confidently running to 5 years. These classes are an ideal way to get your little one moving.  Making use of a story or theme, the very active  sessions are designed  to promote balance, flexibility and independent movement, with a relaxation at the end to contrast the energetic activity.  These classes allow you to work together with your toddler, joining in the fun and assisting them when necessary.

Our Classes

Our Warm Hearts Yoga sessions in St Andrews and Cupar are relaxed and child led, the emphasis is on spending time with your little one and having fun.  There is also some time to chat over a drink and biscuit, share experiences and meet other parents.  For times and locations see our  current timetable

Saturday Morning Classes now available, to book your space contact us

Little Yogis/Yoga Together

Children’s Yoga and Family Yoga classes suitable for children from around 3 to 10 years.  These classes offer an opportunity for you and your child to be active in a non-competitive environment.  Introducing more classical yoga postures you will go on a yoga adventure incorporating movement, songs and rhymes.  Games, acrobatics, partner work and other activities promoting working together will also be included in these classes.

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I love the combination of exercise, relaxation, and sociability - the classes offer all three elements, and for parents and babies in equal measure!

Linda and Astrid